Mu Sigma: Services that expand as the business grows

Mu Sigma. From being a ‘start up’ to emerging as a leading global decision sciences company, our client witnessed phenomenal growth.

Their growth meant rapidly scaling operations. Expanding footprint in many geographies. New clients in multiple markets. All this called for cost-efficient, agile finance and accounting (F&A) processes that kept pace with change.

Pierian offered set-up advisory at the business’s nascent stage, and also shaped and managed their F&A functions in the growth phase. Instead of just supporting ‘as is’ performance, we constructed these processes to focus on scale and agility. The benefits went beyond cost savings. Processes ably responded to the client’s evolving needs. Well-designed executive information systems helped gain vital insights, control risks, and integrate new geographies quickly into the existing infrastructure, making fast-tracked growth a reality.

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