Reliable support. And complete visibility over processes for multi-country operations


A shipping and logistics leader, they offer multi-modal integrated logistics support across geographies.

With offices in multiple countries and a global service footprint, the client had to deal with numerous systems for IT, finance, and business support. A by-product of this scenario: scattered information, complex processes, and poor visibility into operations.

Pierian designed the strategy for their global shared services and integrated the disparate systems. We now run and mange their IT, finance and business support operations delivering cost competence, process efficiency and visibility, and real-time information to support decision making. As you read this, their cargo in over 32,000 containers and in over 30 ships is being tracked by our teams.

“Our strategic expertise in shared services design, technology, and management, helped the customer align their processes with growth,” says Mahesh Pillai, who leads Pierian’s global business services teams. To know how we can bring you similar benefits, mail