Our real-time intelligence empowers managers to make the right decisions

More than 55,000 travel managers rely on our analytics to support their client’s travel plans.


Sabre is a global technology company that enables over a billion people to plan, and manage their travel. They run the largest Global Distribution Systems in North America, which facilitates travel bookings.

Sabre’s solutions help airlines with marketing and ticket sales. Over 30% of the global flight tickets are issued to more than 55,000 travel managers from different travel agencies, worldwide, through their platform, making it a hotbed of transactions and therefore, data. However, this data was neither structured nor optimized. Travel mangers relied on conventional and time-consuming methods to get product updates and offer the right solutions to their customers.

Our real-time analytics was brought in to provide vital information support. It gathers and transforms raw data into actionable information, giving travel managers greater visibility over travel products and inventory. Dashboards show a clear picture of targets and reflect live status updates. What’s more, it’s all accessible anytime and through multiple devices. With such intelligence at their finger tips, managers are now empowered to make real-time decisions.

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