What supply chain excellence strategy can do: achieve peak performance

They are a leading supplier of in-home and network solutions that enable rich media experiences and IP services. Service providers use their next-generation broadband and video products to offer anytime, anywhere solutions.

Today’s business environments bring a measure of unpredictability. To lead in this scenario, our client had to respond quickly to volatile demand and improve scalability. Critical need: a robust mechanism to address supply chain-related risks, commodity price and transport cost volatility, and a more complicated product and service mix. They also lacked visibility into outsourced operations and relationships.

We developed and executed supply chain excellence strategies for peak performance operations. Within months of implementation, they saw greater return on assets and margins, and improved customer service. Reliable metrics helped measure performance, foresee trouble spots, and mitigate risks. Our supply chain management technology became vital for making informed, timely business decisions, which helped maximize their operational and financial efficiency. Pierian drives a Supply Chain Centre of excellence (COE) for the client, providing direction and training to their global teams.

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